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CallWave Company Information, including its VoIP Technology and Services

CallWave is a leader in enhanced telecommunications services for mainstream household and small business. The company brings the benefits of new technologies like Voice Over Internet Protocol (“VoIP”) to the mass market on a paid subscription basis.

CallWave’s proprietary software provides subscribers with an easy way to get more out of their existing cell phone, Internet connection, and regular phone. By requiring no extra hardware or any installation effort, subscribers receive benefits like call bridging to any phone and real time call screening — helping them get their important calls while avoiding unwanted calls.

CallWave has pioneered a customer driven, capital efficient business model using Voice application technology. By designing services tailored for the mass-market user, CallWave has made it easy for customers to benefit from new technologies, including VoIP. CallWave’s direct and ongoing interaction with its 800,000+ customers ensures that its patent-pending call handling solutions match the needs of the mass market.

While conventional phone applications are hardwired into the network infrastructure and typically take years to deploy, CallWave uses the Internet to separate telephone applications from the underlying network infrastructure. As a result, CallWave’s software-based applications lead to fast deployment, low capital expenditures, and low operating expenses.

How CallWave Works

CallWave’s VoIP applications dramatically enhance the way people receive and handle phone calls, on any cell phone, Internet connection, or regular phone.

In today’s busy world, where customers are often flooded with too many phone calls in the same way they receive too many emails, CallWave’s VoIP applications help subscribers focus on the calls that matter. As such, CallWave’s applications act like a ‘phone Spam filter’ by identifying anonymous callers and preventing them from reaching customers. CallWave also helps subscribers to screen their calls by letting them listen to the caller leaving a message in real time before deciding if they want to talk.

For customers who may have missed an important call at home, CallWave’s applications bridge the call to their work PC or cell phone. Likewise, an important work call can be screened by the subscriber on their home broadband connection or cell phone. Mobile workers who spend most of the day in the field can now monitor their office calls while on the job. CallWave’s applications also enable subscribers to receive a call on their cell phone, and transfer it to their landline – giving them a higher quality call experience at a lower cost.

CallWave’s services range from as little as $1.50 per month, up to $9.95 per month, and always include a 30-day risk-free trial.

CallWave for Mobile Phones

CallWave lets cell phone users listen in real time as their caller leaves a message. They can choose to ignore the call, or if it’s important, they can press ‘1’ on their phone to interrupt the message and instantly talk with their caller. At any time during the call, they can press ‘2’ to transfer the call from their cell phone to their home or work phone – giving them a higher quality call and saving them money on cell phone minute charges. If the subscriber chooses not to take the call, they can dial in later to pick up their messages from any phone.

CallWave for the Home

CallWave gives mainstream Internet connected homes more control over their calls and greater flexibility in how they take those calls. When a call comes in, our subscribers instantly see the name and Caller ID of the person calling on their Internet-connected PC. And when the caller leaves a message, our subscribers hear that message instantly on their PC speakers. With the click of a button, subscribers can instantly take the call on their home or cell phone. CallWave also helps subscribers block telemarketer calls and monitor home calls on their cell phone. If a subscriber chooses not to answer any call, CallWave takes a message that can be accessed via the subscriber’s PC or via a toll free number.

CallWave for Small Business

With CallWave, small businesses can save money on phone lines and gain increased flexibility by screening and taking calls intended for their business line while they are out of the office. For example, a CallWave subscriber can be in the field and listen to a call coming into their business line on their cell phone. If it is an important call, the subscriber can press “1” to take the call on their cell phone. Since there is no hardware and no need to have a physical phone line, business users save money and can get started in minutes. Subscribers can easily and inexpensively add additional business lines as their business grows.