What is Voicemail Transcription?

Voicemail transcription converts spoken audio messages from voicemails into text transcripts.

The audio file of a voicemail message is processed by speech recognition technology which identifies the words spoken and generates a text version.

This text can then be read, searched, edited, shared, and stored like any other document.

Voicemail transcription services are typically provided by third-party companies that use advanced speech-to-text algorithms and human reviewers to check transcripts for accuracy.

Voicemail transcription eliminates the need to take notes or transcribe important voicemails manually. It creates an organized, text-based record of all incoming voicemails that can be referenced or searched at any time.

For businesses, this means voicemails can be efficiently handled even with high volumes of daily calls. For individuals, voicemail transcription provides a convenient way to save and reference voicemail messages without having to listen to the recording each time.

Benefits of Voicemail Transcription

There are many benefits to utilizing voicemail transcription services:

  • Saves Time: Voicemail transcription eliminates the need to manually take notes or transcribe voicemails. This saves many hours of administrative time over weeks and months.
  • Increases Productivity: With voicemails converted to text, they can be quickly skimmed, forwarded, and responded to. This streamlines voicemail management.
  • Enables Search: Text transcripts of voicemails can be easily searched to find specific information or messages.
  • Improves Accessibility: Text transcripts can be read anytime, anywhere without access to the voicemail recording. This makes voicemails more accessible.
  • Aids Analysis: Text transcripts can be easily imported into databases, spreadsheets, or analytics platforms to identify trends and insights in voicemail messages.
  • Enhances Record Keeping: Accurate text records of voicemails are stored for compliance, documentation, and reference.
  • Allows Collaboration: Transcripts can be conveniently shared with colleagues to collaborate on responses.
  • Provides Data Security: Text transcripts reduce reliance on physical voicemail recordings which can be lost or damaged. The text can be securely backed up.
  • Delivers Convenience: Voicemails can be skimmed, forwarded, and responded to more conveniently.

How Voicemail Transcription Technology Works

Voicemail transcription leverages advanced speech recognition technology and human review processes:

  • Audio File Processing – The voicemail audio file first goes through a speech-to-text algorithm which analyzes the audio signals and converts the spoken words into text. Background noise filters help extract clear speech.
  • Speech Recognition – The software leverages machine learning models such as deep neural networks that have been trained on millions of sample voice recordings. This allows them to match speech patterns to words with a high degree of accuracy.
  • Text Generation – The algorithm outputs a text transcript of the voicemail message, time-aligned to reflect when each word was spoken. This draft transcript undergoes human review.
  • Human Review – Trained professionals carefully review transcripts, make edits for accuracy, and ensure proper formatting and speaker identification. This quality assurance step improves precision.
  • Transcript Delivery – The final verified text transcript is then delivered to the user by email, via an online portal, or integrated into business software. New voicemails are typically transcribed within hours.

Top Providers of Voicemail Transcription Services

There are many companies offering voicemail transcription services and solutions for businesses and individuals:

  • Rev – Offers fast and accurate voicemail and audio transcription powered by a network of freelance typists—Integrates with CRM and business systems.
  • GoTranscript – A provider of voicemail, call, video, and audio transcription services at affordable rates. Transcripts are delivered in under 12 hours.
  • Voicera – Specializes in voicemail transcription with AI-driven automation features within a unified platform. Made for the enterprise.
  • Speechpad – Cloud-based transcription with features like bulk uploading, team collaboration, and integrations. 99% accuracy claimed.
  • Temi – An automation-first platform for audio/video transcription designed for businesses. Offers high accuracy.
  • Simon Says – A top choice for individuals and solopreneurs with fast turnaround times and easy online ordering.
  • TranscribeMe – A popular low-cost transcription service used by individuals and small teams to transcribe interviews, meetings, podcasts, and other audio.

Pricing Models for Voicemail Transcription

Voicemail transcription services are priced in several different ways:

  • Per Audio Minute – Typically a per minute rate ranging from $0.80 to $1.50 per minute of audio depending on service level. Best for occasional voicemail transcriptions.
  • Monthly Subscription – Flat monthly fees for unlimited voicemail transcriptions, usually tiered by several users. Scales for high voicemail volumes.
  • Annual Contracts – Discounted flat rates for prepaid annual voicemail transcription subscriptions. Works for predictable long-term usage.
  • Hybrid Plans – Some providers offer hybrid options like an allowance of included minutes per month and then a per-minute overage rate. Adds flexibility.
  • Enterprise Plans – Customized plans for large organizations with features like analytics, integrations, compliance, and security.

When selecting a voicemail transcription service, it’s important to consider your expected usage, turnaround time needs, and budget.

Prices vary significantly based on accuracy, quality, and features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ques 1. How accurate is voicemail transcription?

Ans. With a top voicemail transcription service, you can expect 90-99% accuracy for clear audio recordings.

Background noise and muffled messages can decrease accuracy. Some services offer human review for quality assurance.

Ques 2.  How quick is the turnaround time?

Ans. Most services can transcribe clear voicemail audio in 4-12 hours. Turnaround times under an hour are possible for an additional fee with some providers.

Ques 3. What file formats can be transcribed?

Ans. Most voicemail transcription services support common audio formats like WAV, MP3, M4A, AIFF, FLAC and WMA. Video files containing audio can often also be transcribed.

Ques 4. What features do the best services offer?

Ans. Top providers offer features like searchable transcripts, integrations with business software, compliance and security controls, collaboration tools, and analytics capabilities.

Ques 5. Can the transcripts be edited?

Ans. Many services allow you to view and make minor edits and corrections to the voicemail transcript if needed before finalizing. This helps improve accuracy.

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