CloudTalk Features, Pricing & Alternatives 2023

CloudTalk is a feature-rich cloud-based phone system designed for today’s small and medium-sized businesses.

Offered by Missouri-based telecom provider Bliksem, LLC, CloudTalk delivers sophisticated VoIP phone service, call routing capabilities, IVR menus, voicemail, and other robust features without requiring expensive on-premise PBX hardware

With easy online setup, intuitive web-based management, and scalable service tiers, CloudTalk enables even lean SMBs to afford enterprise-grade call connectivity and unified communications suited for fostering excellent customer experiences.

This comprehensive guide will explore its platform capabilities and features in-depth, analyze its most popular use cases, highlight key pros and cons, break down available pricing and service packages, and compare CloudTalk to leading competitors like RingCentral Office and Nextiva in the cloud phone market.

For any high-growth business seeking to upgrade its customer and employee calling functionalities, this detailed look at CloudTalk’s solution provides unmatched insights.


1. Cloud PBX System

At its core, CloudTalk offers a full cloud-hosted PBX system to deliver business phone service.

This eliminates the need for companies to invest in costly on-premise PBX equipment or hardware and simplifies management.

2. Intelligent Call Routing

Incoming calls can be automatically routed to the right people, ring groups, departments, locations, or call queues using CloudTalk’s intelligent call-routing capabilities.

Features like auto-attendant, configurable ring groups, call queues with estimated wait times, time-based rules, and more enable efficient call direction. 

3. Limitless Calling

It provides unlimited local and long-distance calling across the United States and Canada to give businesses reliable nationwide connectivity and keep communication costs low and predictable.

4. Voicemail and Voicemail-to-Email

Users can access voicemail conveniently through the desktop phone, mobile app, or by dialing in remotely.

For added productivity, voicemails can also be received via email as audio file attachments. Optional voicemail transcription is available.

5. CRM Integrations 

It integrates out-of-the-box with over a dozen popular CRM and helpdesk platforms like Salesforce, Zendesk, Freshdesk, and Microsoft Dynamics to streamline call handling and automatically log interactions.

6. Mobile App and Softphone

Its mobile apps for iOS and Android allow employees to use their smartphones as office extensions.

The apps provide call control, voicemail access, contact syncing, presence indicators, and chat functions. The desktop softphone delivers similar capabilities.

7. Custom On-Hold Messages

Businesses can upload custom audio files or music to be played when callers are placed on hold. Brand messages and estimated wait time announcements help enhance the caller experience. 

8. Hunt Group and Ring All

These features allow companies to configure multi-tiered groups where incoming calls simultaneously ring multiple users or devices until answered to improve response rates. Custom ring strategies are available.

9. Alternate Numbers

Additional toll-free or local direct inward dial (DID) numbers can be purchased to route calls to specific departments or locations to project a unified image across business units.

10. Conference Calling

It provides customizable conference bridge capabilities to host client meetings, internal collaboration sessions, training classes, and other conference calls using voice-only or optional video add-ons. 

11. Call Recording 

It enables calls to be recorded on-demand or automatically based on rules and schedules.

Recorded calls are stored online for compliance, quality assurance, and training purposes.

12. Spam Call Blocking

Suspected spam calls can be automatically blocked using CloudTalk’s robust telecommunications fraud management and risk mitigation capabilities powered by specialized third-party vendors.

Use Cases for CloudTalk

1. Law Firms

It is ideal for law offices and legal firms to route calls intelligently, convey professionalism using IVRs and hold music, integrate client databases, and enable remote attorneys to stay connected. Advanced call recording also helps meet regulatory requirements.

2. IT Consulting Firms  

IT consulting groups, digital agencies, and tech service providers can leverage CloudTalk’s CRM integrations, customizable hold messages, ring groups, and home-based softphone apps to coordinate staff across virtual teams and field locations while showcasing capabilities.

3. Real Estate Agencies

Realty offices must efficiently route incoming calls according to property, agent, location, and availability.

CloudTalk streamlines this with sophisticated call-handling features, provides remote connectivity, and syncs voicemails and call logs with real estate CRM software. 

4. Multi-Location Retail

For retail chains and franchises, It provides seamless communication across locations by connecting in-store systems with remote and mobile workers.

Store managers remain reachable and internal transfers between stores reduce costs.

5. Healthcare Clinics

Medical offices like dental practices, clinics, surgery centers, and physical therapy offices benefit from capabilities like automated attendants, HIPAA compliance, IVR menus, reminder calls, and group ringing to field patient calls across departments and personnel.

6. Call Centers 

With skills-based routing, priority queues, estimated hold times, call monitoring, and advanced analytics, CloudTalk empowers call centers to deliver prompt, professional customer service and achieve KPIs.


1. Easy Browser-Based Setup 

With no physical hardware to install, CloudTalk can be purchased online and configured in minutes through an intuitive dashboard accessible from any web browser for a fast time to value.

2. BYOD Phone Support

It works with popular IP phones from brands like Poly, Yealink, Cisco, and Panasonic, as well as softphone apps. This provides flexibility for users to select their preferred devices.

3. Strong Customization 

From intelligent call routing to hold music, IVR menus, and recording rules, CloudTalk offers extensive customization to match each company’s unique needs and brand persona without adding complexity. 

4. Reliable Call Quality

Its system is purpose-built to deliver consistent clear audio, minimal lag or jitter, and solid stability by leveraging modern VoIP technologies, QoS, and dedicated MPLS networks.

5. Scalability 

It scales cost-effectively from 5 to 500+ users without expensive upgrades making it suitable for growing small businesses and large enterprises alike.

6. Work From Anywhere Ability

Features like mobile app integration, remote call control, softphones, and voicemail-to-email integration empower employees to be productive regardless of location.

7. CRM and Software Integrations

Its open APIs and library of CRM connectors eliminate manual data entry by automatically syncing calls, contacts, activity history, and recordings to business-critical software platforms.

CRM and Software Integrations

8. 24/7 Technical Support

U.S.-based support teams provide responsive assistance and technical expertise at no added charge to keep businesses focused on serving customers and growing.


1. No Video or Screen Sharing 

Unlike some competing solutions, CloudTalk does not natively provide video calling or screen sharing. These capabilities require third-party integration.

2. No Bundled Hardware

Phone hardware like office handsets and conference room phones must be purchased at an added cost separately from the platform subscription.

3. Advanced Features Extra Cost

Some sophisticated features like call recording, multi-level IVRs, visual dashboards, and productivity integrations require higher-tier packages or add-ons.

4. Third-Party Dependencies 

Components like voicemail transcription, custom analytics, real-time call monitoring, and spam blocking rely on external third-party vendor partnerships.

5. No Mobile Softphone

While the mobile app enables basic call control and voicemail access, it lacks a SIP-based softphone for making outbound calls directly from smartphones.

6. Setup Requires Expertise

Proper network preparation and IP phone provisioning require PBX or VoIP technical experience for optimal call performance.

Pricing for CloudTalk

It offers three main service packages for SMBs to choose from:

Pro Package 

  • $15 per user/month 
  • Recommended for most small businesses
  • Comes with basics like auto-attendant, ring groups, unlimited local/long-distance calling, voicemail to email, music on hold, and CRM integration.

Pro Plus Package

  • $25 per user/month
  • Geared for growing businesses with more advanced needs 
  • Adds call recording, single-level IVR menus, visual dashboards, additional CRM connectors, and productivity integrations.

Enterprise Package 

  • $40 per user/month
  • Designed for larger offices
  • Includes multi-site support, multi-level IVRs, real-time call analytics, advanced dashboards, quality management, agent statuses, and enhanced capabilities.

Customized quotes are also available for complex deployments. Overall, CloudTalk focuses on predictable pricing without long-term contracts or hidden fees.

Alternatives of the Tool 

1. OnSIP

It provides a cloud business phone system with unified communications and collaboration features. Key capabilities include cloud PBX, SMS, audio/video conferencing, call center features, and integrations.

OnSIP focuses on ease of use, flexibility, and low cost. It offers unlimited US calling plans and competitive international rates.

OnSIP offers an easy admin portal, mobile apps, and developer APIs for customization. Overall, it provides a scalable cloud phone system alternative to Google Voice.

2. Vonage

It offers a complete unified communications platform for businesses. Its cloud phone system comes with video meetings, team chat, contact center capabilities, and integrations. Vonage provides flexible pricing plans with unlimited calling.

Key features include call forwarding, voicemail to text, visual voicemail, CRM integrations, call center analytics, and more. Vonage targets growing SMBs and enterprises looking to enhance productivity and collaboration.


It provides a cloud-based business phone system with call routing, IVR, visual voicemail, omnichannel contact center, CRM integrations, and more.

It focuses on simplicity and automation for improving call and contact management. also offers SMS, audio/video conferencing, call analytics, and an open API.

It provides unlimited calling plans in the US. Overall, is a versatile, cloud-based phone system alternative to Google Voice.


CloudTalk offers a compelling cloud-based VoIP phone solution for today’s small and mid-sized businesses focused on delivering sophisticated call routing, management, and dial tone services at affordable rates.

Companies wanting enterprise-level capabilities without expensive upfront costs can benefit from its high-value packages and predictable per-user pricing.

This innovative platform warrants a close look for SMBs seeking the right mix of features, flexibility, and cost savings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1. What types of phones work with CloudTalk?

Ans: CloudTalk supports popular desk phones from Poly, Yealink, Cisco, Panasonic, and Snom. It is also compatible with ObiHai ATAs for using analog phones.

Ques 2. Does CloudTalk require a contract?  

Ans: No, CloudTalk does not impose any long-term contracts or multi-year commitments. You have the flexibility to add/remove users or cancel anytime without early termination fees.

Ques 3. Can you get 1-800 numbers?

Ans: Yes, CloudTalk enables you to add toll-free numbers to project a professional brand image and nationwide presence.

Ques 4. Is call recording included?

Ans: No, call recording capabilities require the higher Pro Plus or Enterprise packages or can be purchased as an add-on to the Pro plan.

Ques 5. Does CloudTalk service customers outside the US?

Ans: Currently CloudTalk only provides phone service to businesses located within the United States and Canada. International service is not available.

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